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Music Boxing Training Machine

Wall Target Music Boxing Machine™

Wall Target Music Boxing Machine™

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Introducing the Wall Target Music Boxing Machine™ - High Intensity Aerobic Exercise with Music


Staying motivated during workouts can be challenging. But the new Wall Target Music Boxing Machine™ makes exercise more engaging and entertaining. This innovative equipment combines a rugged freestanding punching bag with built-in Bluetooth speakers that pair with your smartphone or music player.


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  1. Increase quick response ability


  • The unpredictable strikes from a training partner force you to react swiftly to avoid being hit.


  • With repeated practice, your defensive reflexes and reaction time will become lightning-fast.


  1. Develop intense focus


  • You must remain completely zoned in to respond to random pad strikes from all angles.


  • The challenging workout requires extreme focus and concentration throughout.


  1. Gentle padded material


  • The head strap and pads are covered in soft foam padding for comfort and safety.


  • Although you'll feel the taps, the padding ensures you won't feel pain or get hurt.


  1. Benefits adolescent development


  • The dynamic reactions promote cognitive growth in developing youths.


  • Hand-eye coordination, movement processing, and reflex pathways are strengthened.


  1. Engaging training game


  • The unpredictable pad strikes make for an entertaining and competitive drill.


  • Partners can count points for strikes landed versus dodged to gamify the training.




Main Material: High Strength ABS
Size: 370.00mm (14.57in)*330.00mm (12.99in)*45.00mm (1.77in)
Gross Weight: 1800g
Features: Bluetooth Fast Connection, 5-Speed Volume, 9-Speed Hitting
Package: Hard Box
-With USB Cable Charging


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