The beneficial impacts Music Boxing Machines had on his grandchild

The beneficial impacts Music Boxing Machines had on his grandchild

My grandson Jacob has always been an energetic kid. As a single father, my son Frank struggled to keep up with Jake’s constant motion. When I offered to babysit the rascal twice a week, Frank kissed my feet! 👴👟 Watching Jake race around my condo, I admit I felt my age. Where’s this kid’s off switch?! 🏃‍♂️


Last Christmas, I decided to gift my hyper 9-year old something that matched his high-octane zeal. While shopping online, I discovered “music boxing machines” which gamified punching along to tunes’ rhythms. Perhaps these gizmos could help Jake focus that excessive energy? 🤔👊 🎁


When Jake unwrapped the gift, his eyes bulged like saucers before shrieking with glee! Immediately he assumed a boxing stance, throwing gentle punches at my TV. “Grandpa Bernie look! I’m as fast as Mohammad Ali now! Thanks for the epic present!” 🥊👍



I chuckled nervously. “Whoa kiddo, easy there! You gotta be responsible using that thing, capisce?” Last thing I needed was this device enabling poor behaviors...or increasing them! 😰


But in the following months, I watched the music boxing machine impart much wisdom upon my impressionable grandson - not just killer bicep definition! Let me elaborate on the unexpected benefits:


Honed Listening Skills 👂


I noticed during homework time Jake now focused on my words rather than daydreaming about ninjas. “I gotta listen close to sync my moves perfectly when battling my machine high score!” he explained. Constant practicing listening to rhythmic cues translated to better attention overall. 🎧🔊


Discovered Athletic Prowess 🏆


Within months, Jake’s overall coordination and reflexes improved incredibly. His P.E. teacher raved he was a natural at any sport introduced in class. “Your grandson has untapped athletic potential!” she told me once. Who knew finding an outlet for his energy could uncover future sports skills? 🤹‍♂️



Learned to Take Turns 🤝


The music boxing machine didn’t just help Jake regulate his own impulses. I noticed increased patience and sharing with friends too. He began letting pals try songs on his machine, teaching them stances and combinations. Practicing those give-and-takes proved excellent empathy training!


Boosted Self-Esteem 👑


As Jake’s rhythm and reaction times improved, so too did his self-confidence. “Grandpa, check out my new high score! I’m the music boxing master!” he’d declare proudly. Setting and surpassing his own benchmarks built resilience and self-assurance. 💪


My worried gift now brought only smiles. Rather than enable rambunctiousness, Jake’s novelty present taught focus, control, and other virtues. And bonding over our mutual enthusiasm for perfecting epic punch combos brought us closer together. 👯‍♂️



By trusting my instincts and Jake’s fundamental goodness, what could have been roundly rejected instead delivered round after round of life lessons...with some smooth tunes to boot! This granpa scored big by playing to my grandson’s passions. As it turns out, music and boxing do mix! 🥊🎵


Now then, who wants next dibs to battle my title? Just promise not to hit too hard...these old biceps aren’t what they used to be! 💪👴


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