My Experience Working Out at a Home Music Boxing Gym 🥊 🎶

I've always loved boxing movies and the idea of throwing punches to get in shape. Gyms in my area are pricey though and my schedule is jam-packed. When I found out about home music boxing gyms, it seemed like the perfect workout solution. So I decided to give it a try and share my experience! 🥳


Setting Up 🛠

My equipment was delivered and took about an hour to assemble everything. I followed the instruction guide carefully to put together the heavy bag stand, speed bag mount, double-end bag and all the bags. Everything went together smoothly and was very sturdy once complete. I'm not very handy, but even I managed to assemble it properly.



Customizing the Space 🏠

Next, I cleared an empty corner of my basement to use as my boxing gym area. I tossed down an exercise mat, mounted a mirror on the wall for form checks, and set up a small fan for ventilation. To get into workout mode, I hung some motivational boxing posters and put on some pump-up playlist mixes. With my setup complete, it was time for my first session!


Warming Up 🤸‍♀️

I started each workout with a 5-10 minute warm up. This involves dynamic stretching, jumping jacks, body weight squats and other full-body movements. Warming up properly prevents injury when you start hitting the bags. I also find it gets my blood flowing and my muscles loose before the intensity of boxing exercises.


Tutorial Training 

The home gym kit includes access to an online training library full of boxing tutorials hosted by certified trainers. I appreciated being able to start with beginner jab, cross and hook tutorials to learn proper form. The trainers show each move slow and fast so you get the technique down visually.



Working With the Bags 💨

After warming up, I follow along with customized music workout routines that pair punches and combos to upbeat songs. It's super fun throwing jabs and crosses to the heavy bag while a hip hop playlist energizes my workout! I also enjoy the variety of using the double-end bag for angling practice and weaving on the speed bag to improve hand eye coordination.


Adding Bodyweight Circuits 🏋️‍♀️

When I wanted to increase the challenge, I mixed bodyweight exercises like shadowboxing, lunges, squats and push ups between bag rounds. Not only does this keep my heart rate elevated, it works my whole body like a total boxing circuit. I love the full body challenge of incorporating upper body, core and lower body moves in one sweat-inducing session!


Staying Hydrated 💧

Even with short 30 minute sessions, boxing is super intense cardio. So I remind myself to hydrate before, during and after each workout with water or an electrolyte drink. Staying hydrated helps me avoid cramps and overheating, especially during longer training. It also keeps my energy levels high to power through lively music routines.


Measuring Progress 📏

At first I was just aiming to get comfortable throwing punches and learning coordination techniques. But now that I've been training consistently for a few months, I'm noticing my endurance improving each session. I'm able to throw combos for longer without breaks and feel my form and hand speed sharpening up too. It's rewarding to visually see my abilities and strength advancing over time.



Overall Experience 🥊👍

Working out at my home boxing gym has totally exceeded my expectations! I look forward to sweaty boxing sessions because they're so much fun with quality music videos guiding the way. The adjustable challenge level keeps workouts from getting stale and allows me to progress at my own pace safely from home. I feel myself getting stronger, fitter and way more confident in my boxing abilities too. Ultimately, this home gym solution was absolutely perfect for my busy schedule and fitness goals.


Recommendations for Others 👍👍

If you've thought about trying out a home boxing gym, I'd fully recommend giving it a go! Just be sure to choose a well-reviewed kit with quality gear like durable bags and a good hardware setup. Make adjustments to your space to feel like a little home gym nook too. Commit to following tutorial videos at first to learn form properly before intensity. And don't forget to use the trainer community for support - they're super helpful! Building an at-home boxing habit has been one of the best fitness investments I've ever made. So get ready to throw hands and have a blast getting fit 😃🥳


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