Music Boxing vs Kickboxing: Why Music Boxing Packs an Easier Punch 🎤🥊

Music Boxing vs Kickboxing: Why Music Boxing Packs an Easier Punch 🎤🥊

If you’re looking spice up your exercise routine, you may be debating trying kickboxing or giving a music boxing machine a spin. Kickboxing is all the rage for cardio boxing workouts, but high-tech music boxing machines are becoming an appealing at-home alternative. 🏠💪


Some claim that grueling kickboxing classes are superior for getting fight-ready conditioning. As one reviewer argued, “Kickboxing is better than using a music boxing machine.” However, music boxing machines provide dynamic full-body training WITH the added bonus of simplicity and fun! 🎁🤸‍♀️


Let’s compare the benefits of kickboxing and music boxing machines to reveal why music boxing can pack an easier yet equally effective punch.👊


Kickboxing Cardio Classes


Fusing martial arts with aerobics, cardio kickboxing classes gained popularity thanks to their intense calorie-torching workouts. Typical kickboxing classes last 60 minutes with non-stop punch, kick and knee strike combinations. No doubt, traditional kickboxing training can transform physiques! 🦵🔥


But for many people kickboxing classes have downsides:


🚫 Difficult Techniques - Classes move rapidly with complicated moves like roundhouse kicks requiring coordination. Poor form risks injury.


🚫 Infrequent Classes - Most kickboxing gyms only offer classes a few times a day making scheduling difficult.


🚫 Expensive Memberships - Unlimited classes at premium gyms average $$150-$$200 per month.


🚫 Intimidating Environments - Loud gyms packed with ripped regulars can be intimidating for beginners.


For these reasons, at-home music boxing machines are surging in popularity thanks to greater convenience.🏡



Music Boxing Machines


Music boxing machines allow you to mimic kickboxing workouts in your living room by punching sensors on boxing bags. Embedded sensors then connect lighting and music to guide your rhythm and pace while tracking strikes.🎧🥁


Music boxing combines fighting basics with motivating entertainment for euphoric workouts minus typical boxing barriers. Here’s why music boxing wins for accessibility:


Beginner Friendly - Smart sensors give real-time feedback on form to help you learn properly while having fun. 🥳


Effective Cardio - Non-stop punching to energetic songs will leave you dripping sweat! 💦


✅ **Full-Body Training **- Hitting varied targets works arms, core and legs in one routine! 💪


Stress Relief - Releasing frustration on bags is just what the doctor ordered! 👊🥊


At-Home Convenience - Workout anytime without leaving your home gym.💃

And the best part? Quality music boxing machines start around $500 - WAY less than gym memberships! 💸


Music Boxing Machine Benefits


While kickboxing trains competitive fighters, music boxing aims to make workouts exhilarating. Let’s breakdown key music boxing perks:


Motivation & Engagement


The lights, sounds and vibration of music boxing machines make exercising engaging and fun. The variety of built-in workout programs and striker games makes you eager to beat your high score! This leads to burning more calories per session. 🏋️‍♀️


⭐ “I never get bored using my music boxing machine! The changing lights, beats and challenges make me lose track of time.”


Mood Enhancement


Music boxing allows you to train to your favorite playlists from pop to rock to hip hop. Jamming out while you punch is guaranteed to boost your mood through the power of music therapy! 💆‍♂️👩‍🎤


🎵 “I create playlists that pump me up or calm me down. Boxing to great music always puts me in a better mood!”


Stress & Anger Relief


Punching bags to pounding beats provides the perfect outlet to relieve stress, anxiety and daily frustrations. The physical exertion helps relax your mind as you metaphorically “beat up” stress. 😤👊


🥊 “I punch out all irritations from the work day. Music boxing is better than therapy!”


Confidence Building


The sensors in music boxing machines give real-time feedback on your punch speed, combinations and accuracy. Seeing yourself improve classically conditions your brain to associate working out with wins and achievement. This builds your physical AND mental confidence! 💪👍


🏆 “The power stats make me feel so accomplished. I can literally see my punch force increasing which makes me feel like a champion!”


While kickboxing has benefits, music boxing machines empower anyone to train like a champion - all in your spare bedroom! 🏠


Top At-Home Music Boxing Machines


While budget versions exist, premium music boxing machines balance form, function and fun:


▶️ Pulse Boxing


For an authentic boxing feel at home, Pulse uses spring-mounted arms and precision trackers for natural rebound reactions. Users love Pulse for making them feel like “Rocky punching slab meat in a nightclub!”


▶️ BoxRox


With bumping speakers and sound-reactive lights, BoxRox combines 24/7 gym access with a club atmosphere. Users praise the quality bang for your buck!


▶️ Liteboxer


If you enjoy gamification, Liteboxer contains punishing workouts and striker games coached by virtual trainers. Owners describe it as “having a prize fighter in my living room!”


▶️ Pound Rockout


Based on their popular gym classes, Pound’s full rack system was engineered for commercial-quality durability. Pound winners applaud the tough, tempo-based training.


No matter your choice, music boxing machines make training a party not a chore! 🥳


Music Boxing is Easier Yet Effective


While getting fighting fit requires commitment and consistency no matter the training style, music boxing machines edge out kickboxing classes for being more accessible and sustainable. 🏅


The core benefit of music boxing machines is making high-intensity workouts achievable AND enjoyable for regular people. The motivation of games, the empowerment of real-time feedback and the mood boost of music leads to working out more consistently without overexertion injuries. 🥇


So whether you’re driven by competition 🥊 or just want to have fun, 💃 music boxing machines deliver heavyweight health benefits! As one owner gushed:


⭐ “I never miss a day since my music boxing machine makes training so crazy enjoyable. I can get my rage out AND dance party - I’m obsessed!”


The best exercise plans motivate you intrinsically by aligning with personal passion points. Music + Boxing = Pure Motivation. 🎼💪


While the intensity of kickboxing appeals to some diehards, music boxing better suits the average person striving for sustainable fitness. Why? Because music boxing feels more like a party than exercise! 🥳🎉


So grab your gloves and turn up the volume because music boxing machines let you train like a badass while rocking out! 🤘 What beats will YOU unleash your inner fighter to? Let me know in comments!


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While our machines offer a challenging boxercise experience, we want to emphasize that they are intended for recreational/home use only, both men and women, old and young, can derive great pleasure from it.Serious professional boxers seeking intensive training should utilize full-size regulation boxing equipment instead.


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