Introducing the Ultimate Music Boxing Training Setup 🥊

Introducing the Ultimate Music Boxing Training Setup 🥊

If you're looking to step up your at-home music boxing workouts, I've got just the thing for you - a wall mounted USB charging music speaker designed specifically for music boxing training! 🎶 This all-in-one setup takes your workouts to the next level by combining hard-hitting beats with convenient charging and space-saving wall mounting. 😃


In this blog post I'll tell you all about this game-changing piece of music boxing training equipment. Here's what we'll cover:


✅ Key Features & Benefits

✅ Setup & Installation

✅ Workout Ideas

✅ Bluetooth Connectivity

✅ Charging Capabilities

✅ Design & Build Quality

✅ My Experience Using It

✅ Where to Buy


Let's get started! 🥊



Key Features & Benefits


Here's a quick overview of the key features this wall mounted USB charging music speaker has to offer:


🎵 Built-in speakers provide dynamic, energizing audio to power you through workouts 🔋 USB charging port charges phones/devices during your workout 🖼 Oversized mounting bracket positions speaker at optimal height & angle 🏋️‍♀️ Rugged, durable construction stands up to punching, kicking, & more 🎧 Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play music from your own device 💪 Designed specifically for music boxing training use


Having music that energizes and pushes you during music boxing workouts is extremely beneficial, especially when training solo. 🎧⏱ The built-in speaker makes playing your favorite workout jams a breeze, no need for external speakers or wires.


The addition of a USB charging port means you can charge your phone or tablet while working out. 📱 Very convenient not having to worry about your device battery dying mid-workout when you're using it to play music, watch training videos, or track your workout.


The oversized mounting bracket is angled to point the speaker towards you in the musix boxing stance or when working the bag. 🥊🎯 This intentional design maximizes audio projection directly at you for the best sound quality.


And don't worry about breaking this thing when you unleash fierce punch combos or kicks - it's made with durability in mind to withstand hardcore music boxing workouts. 💪 Hit, punch, and strike away without holding back!


Setup & Installation


Mounting this USB music boxing training speaker is simple and straightforward. 😎 Here are the key steps:


️ Locate solid wall area with enough space, away from windows/doors ️ Hold bracket against wall to mark drill holes ➿ Drill pilot holes & hammer in wall anchors 🖼 Line up bracket & screw into place 🔌 Plug into electrical outlet 📱 Connect to Bluetooth on your device


That's it - you're all set with your own custom music boxing gym setup! 🥊


To get the most out of the strategically angled bracket, mount it about 4 feet off the ground. This puts the speaker at head level for optimal audio projection as you're music boxing.


I suggest mounting it near the space you have designated for solo training, heavy bag, or music boxing machine work. This maximizes sound quality directed right where you'll be music boxing.


Workout Ideas


Now let's talk about how to put this awesome wall mounted USB speaker to good use for killer music boxing workouts! 💢



Here are some workout ideas to try:


🥊 Heavy Bag Combos Timed rounds mixing combo punching, knees, elbows, & kicks


👊 Shadow Music Boxing Follow along trainer video or routine sheet


⌚️ Interval Training

Rotate stations - jump rope, burpees, bag work


🏋️‍♂️ Strength Training Superset music boxing drills with bodyweight exercises


🏃 Aerobic Conditioning

Sustained pad/bag work to keep heart rate up


😵‍💫 All-Out Finishers 60-second blasts giving 100% effort


As you can see, the possibilities are endless when you've got motivational music playing from this wall mounted speaker! 🎶


The USB charging port also means your phone or tablet can blast training videos, virtual coaches, or workout apps without worrying about the battery. 📱 Very handy for following along with music boxing workouts.


Bluetooth Connectivity


Connecting your phone or tablet to play your own workout playlist is easy breezy thanks to Bluetooth functionality. 😎


Simply pair your mobile device to the speaker like you would any other Bluetooth device. I had it connected within seconds without issue.


Once paired, all your device's audio will automatically play through the speaker vs your phone's weaker built-in speaker. 📱🎧


Battery life lasts 6+ hours per charge, enough to get you through weeks of workouts before needing to recharge. 🔋 An AC power adapter is also included if you prefer having it plugged in.


Charging Capabilities


Let's talk about one of my favorite features - the built-in USB charging port! 😃


We all know how annoying it is having your phone or tablet die mid-workout, killing your music and workout tracking. 📵 Well not anymore!


Simply plug your device directly into the USB port on the back of the speaker. It intelligently provides charging power while continuing to play audio via Bluetooth simultaneously. 📱🔋


This means you never have to cut a workout short because your gear's battery gets low. Genius! 💡


The USB port provides 2 amps of output, enough to charge any phone, tablet, or Bluetooth headphones. I also like being able to charge my Apple Watch charging stand so it's always topped up for recovery tracking.


Design & Build Quality


At this point you're probably wondering: Can this thing actually withstand brutal music boxing workouts? 🥊


Let me tell you - this speaker is BEASTLY.



It has a rugged angular construction of hardened plastic that can take direct punches, kicks, and strikes repeatedly. 💢 I'm not kidding when I say I unleashed full force and it didn't flinch.


The shape and materials are ergonomically designed for deflecting blows - think of it like a shield. 🛡 Punches naturally glance off at angles without damaging the speaker or wall behind it.


Despite the ruggedness, it has a pretty slick aesthetic available in both black and white color options. The grated speaker grill gives it an outdoorsy look.


Durable metal mesh protects the speakers inside - again able to withstand repeated strikes. It'll hold up much better than drywall or wood!


At 9" x 5.5", it's nicely sized for most workout spaces without consuming too much wall real estate. It's a super convenient way to get studio-quality sound without floor speakers cluttering up your area. 😊


The oversized 13 inch mounting bracket is made of heavy-duty steel and angles the speaker down towards you - perfect positioning for music boxing training use.


My Experience Using It


After over a month of using this USB music boxing speaker for my own training, I can definitively say it LEVELs UP my solo workouts dramatically. 🆙 The sound quality and volume provides amazing audio feedback as my glove makes contact.


I'm completely addicted to the eye of the tiger and other adrenaline-pumping beats it delivers during my sessions. It pushes me to throw way more punches before getting tired. 🎧💪


I also love being able to watch training videos or take Body Combat virtual classes with loud, clear sound projected right at me from the ideal angle. 🥊


The USB charging functionality and sturdy build quality really complete the package making this a MUST-HAVE for at-home boxers in my opinion! 🏅


Where to Buy


Sold exclusively by Valor Fitness, this USB charging Bluetooth training speaker is available on MusicBoxingTrainingMachine for $799 with free shipping. 🛒


Considering all the functionality it adds to level up your music boxing workouts, this all-in-one setup is an amazing value!


It works flawlessly for my training needs and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a complete solo music boxing workout system. 🥊👏


Click here to check it out and order yours today! ✅


Let me know if you have any other questions! Drop a comment below if you end up getting one for your training space.


Until next time, happy music boxing! 🥊😁


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