Do You Have to Pay for Music Boxing Machines for Workout? 🥊🎵

If you've noticed those cool-looking boxing machines at your local gym that play fun music as you punch and jab, you may be wondering - do you have to pay to use them? Or can you just hop on and start a jam session + cardio workout? Let's break it down! 🤔


What Are Music Boxing Machines?


First, what exactly are these so-called "music boxing machines?" They go by a few popular brand names like Dance Dance Revolution or Beat Saber, but they all work on a similar concept. ⭐

Essentially, these machines connect a traditional cardio boxing workout with an interactive game that challenges your speed, agility, and accuracy. There is colorful lighting and fun tunes playing as virtual objects like punching bags or floating orbs appear on the screen. You then punch and move your body in sync to hit the shapes and match the patterns. 🎮🕹


It's a blast of a workout! The music, games, and challenge make you forget you are essentially just doing boxing drills as the machine tracks your pace, force, calories burned 🔥and more. And because you concentrate on hitting the right boxes and combos in time with the music, you almost get distracted into a longer, harder routine without realizing it. 😅👊



Why Music Boxing Fitness is Hot Right Now


These gaming + music + boxing machines are having a major moment, especially over the last few years of the pandemic. 🥳 People discovered how entertaining the workouts can be versus basic cardio machines like ellipticals or treadmills. 🏃‍♀️ The gamified, competitive nature draws you in to try and set new high scores or get to that next level while listening to your favorite tunes. 🥇


Plus, music boxing workouts check a lot of popular boxes: 🗸


🎵 Engaging and Fun: People are realizing fitness should be enjoyable, not a chore. These machines deliver big here!


👫 Social and Community: Many gyms set up boxing zones for group fitness or social workouts with a club vibe. The tempo of the music and workouts brings people together.


⌛ Efficient Calorie Burner: You'll torch more calories in 30 minutes on these machines than almost anything else thanks to the intense, interval-style pace. 💧


🧠 Stress Reliever and Mental Health Booster: With fun lighting, music, and a mental challenge, you almost forget you are working out - which reduces daily stress. Those endorphins give your mood a lift too! 😊


With all these benefits, it's no wonder music boxing machines are popping up in gyms everywhere. But many people wonder - with all those bells and whistles - the workouts must cost extra, right? 💰


Breakdown: Do You Have to Pay to Use Them?


Now, the moment you've been waiting for - do you have to pay for the music boxing workouts or not?? 🥁


In general, the answer depends! Here are the most common scenarios:

🚫 Your Gym Offers Classes Included


Some gyms have invested in having these machines onsite and offer classes led by instructors included with a regular gym membership. No extras needed! You can book a spot just like any yoga, spin, or boot camp class. Make sure to call your local spot to understand pricing.


💵 Premium Upcharge Classes


Boutique fitness studios and more high-end gyms may offer music boxing sessions but charge per class or sell packages for access. Usually $10-30 per pop. This lets them cover the cost of the specialized instructors and exclusive machines.


😊 Community Areas Open to All


There also tends to be "community" zones where anyone with a membership can access the boxing games openly. You won't have a structured class here – just walk up and play! There may be lines during peak gym hours for the stations, so heads up. 😅


🥺 Can't Afford Classes? DIY!


If none of the options at your gym work budget-wise, you can create a mini music boxing routine at home! 🏡Play fun music and set 2-3 minute intervals of different punching combinations. Over a 30 minute playlist, get a similar workout sans fancy machine tracking your stats. 📈 A cheap way to feel like you're at an exclusive boutique class!


The Costs Behind the Scenes


Why do some gyms or studios charge extra anyway, you may wonder? Well, there are big upfront and operational costs related to owning these unique fitness machines including: 💡


🛍 One-Time Purchases: The upfront cost per standard unit ranges from $100-$9000+ pending features. And studios need 2-4 minimum typically for a good class. Not cheap!


🔋 Electricity Bills: These bad boys use power with their game systems, sensors, WiFi, music, and lights. An added utility cost.


🧑‍💻 Game Licenses and Memberships: There are fees for game system subscriptions, music streaming accounts, and instructor training platforms.


🏋️‍♀️ Instructor Pay: To lead safe, effective classes, certified instructors should manage sessions. Their pay needs to come from somewhere!


With all these expenses, it's understandable some gyms offset costs through paid class packages or premium pricing. 💸



Tips for Affording Music Boxing Sessions


Hopefully now the pay structure makes a bit more sense! But don't lose hope if these amazing machines aren't free with your current gym membership. Here are tips to cut costs:


💡 Ask About Promotional Offers
Gyms often run sales like discount first class free packages or lowered rates per month for the first 6 months. See what deals you can score! 🤑


🔍Search Review Sites
Check Google, Yelp or ClassPass to hunt down cheaper boutique studios in your area. There is often big pricing differences even within the same city.


⏰ Go During Non-Peak Hours Classes may cost $5 or $10 less at weird times like 8am on a Saturday or Sunday. It adds up over a month of early wake-ups!


🆓 Use Free Trials Never hop into paid class packages before trying out the gym first! Make sure you like the instructor style and machines with a free week or two before spending. Protect that wallet. 😉


Squaring Up In Your Boxing Ring


The world of music boxing fitness is here to stay - with its addictive gameplay, thumping beats, and satisfying workout burn. Hopefully the mystery is now solved around whether you have to pay extra or not depending on your gym. 🎊


My advice? If at all possible, take advantage of these amazing machines! They make working out so much more enjoyable. See if you can swing a few classes per month or adjust schedules to attend discounted sessions from time to time. 📆 With some savvy planning and research into gym pricing, you may just score unlimited access too. 🥇


Either way - float like a 🦋 and sting like a 🐝 bee my friends! Give that boxing game a go - your mind and body will thank you. Now lace up those sneakers and let's get punching to the beat! 👟 🥊 🎶


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