Music Boxing vs Barbells - Who Will Claim the Weightloss Championship Belt? 🏆

Music Boxing vs Barbells - Who Will Claim the Weightloss Championship Belt? 🏆

If getting shredded and sweating buckets sound like fitness goals you crave, then step right up! In one corner we’ve got the scrappy newcomer music boxing aiming jabs at boring old weightlifting. And barbells bounce back swinging with seriously strong special skills. Both rivals promise fat torching, muscle building and mood boosting morale. 💪 But does matching musicality and momentum push music boxing to the final bell? Or do compound strength lifts and undisputed gains crown weights forever king of cuts? Ding ding! 🥊 🏋️‍♂️



Let’s weigh up (get it? Weights? ok bad pun sorry 😝) the key differences in 10 rounds to name the ultimate champion!


Round 1️⃣: Calorie Burning 🔥🔥🔥


This first fitness measure-up focuses on max calorie scorching. Weights win for compound moves that engage multiple large muscle groups at once. Squats, deadlifts, rows and presses torch around 112 calories for 30 minutes per calculator estimates. Not too shabby! 😎 But music boxing’s dance-inspired format keeps your heart rate sky high the whole time for next level fat burning– approximately 800 calories per hour! Dancing on a heavy bag = burning on the floor too! 💃


Music Boxing 10 🥊 Weights 9



Round 2️⃣: Muscle Building 💪💪💪


We’re looking for lean, defined gains worthy of a magazine cover shoot (or at least some nice Instagram shots for our follow count #nofilterneeded. Weights traditionally take the gold standard for boosting muscle size and tone by directly overloading groups with heavy resistance. But music boxing utilizes that sweet spot of high rep light weight for definition over bulk. While you won’t get Schwarzenegger shoulders boxing, champagne six pack potential looks solid! We’ll rule this one:


Draw 🤝



Round 3️⃣: Mood Boosting Magic ✨


Which workout leaves you floating out the gym doors with a post-endorphin natural high? Both get the mood boosting medal here! Weights earn confidence-building power from accomplishing new personal records and watching muscle groups grow overtime. Nice mental edge! But music integrates those extra feel good vibes as you flow freely punching to the beat. Overall energy and morale looks prime from both disciplines. No losers here!


Draw 🤝


Round 4️⃣: Joint Friendliness 🤕


Let’s check impact on joints, ligaments, etc - arguably one of the most important considerations for sustainable, injury free training. Weights load lots of heavy resistance onto limbs, so impeccable form is non-negotiable! But within proper parameters, controlled moves shouldn’t cause issues. Music boxing features more rapid fire repetitive motion which could irritate shoulders, elbows and wrists over time if not careful. We’ll give a slight advantage to standard weightlifting as easiest on joints with common sense safety.


Weights 10 🏋️‍♂️ Music Boxing 9 🥊


Round 5️⃣: Programming Options 📊


Variety is key for an engaging, evolving fitness routine. Weights offer unlimited potential to program new challenging lifts session to session - kettlebells one day, pilates ring rows the next, barbell thrusters to wrap. Creativity rules here! Music boxing relies on pre-programmed class combos and electronic queues. Sure you can create custom playlists but punch options seem more limiting long term. Weights win flexibility.



Weights 10 🏋️‍♂️ Music Boxing 7 🥊


And the Champion Is...🥁🥁


While the final bell remains split decision, for sustainable lifelong fitness I’d be tempted to crown weights winner by TKO (that’s Total KnockOut 😉). But let’s call the bout a draw considering blending disciplines longterm may support best results. I’m willing to bet mixing up music boxing burners with heavy lifting days yields strong, pain free physiques worthy of both beach bodies and the ring! As the experts say, variety and moderation equal success. Let me know which workout you’ll start with down below!

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