whether it is necessary to purchase a Music Boxing Machine for children?

whether it is necessary to purchase a Music Boxing Machine for children?

As a busy dad of three kids, I’m used to the chaos of constant activity in my household. Between school events, sports practices, and birthday parties, there’s rarely a quiet moment! My loving partner Susan handles most of those logistics - but keeping our energetic trio entertained at home often falls to me.


So when my seven year old, Tyler, started begging for me to buy him a “music punching bag machine thingy that the cool kids have,” I weighed the options skeptically. 🤔



On one hand, Tyler rarely sticks to any hobby for long before flitting to the next fascination. Would buying another flashy gadget just amount to a waste of money after a few weeks once the novelty faded? 💸 Then again, maybe engaging with music could nurture his creativity?


I decided to test whether Tyler’s interest had any substance first. “Learn the responsibility of saving your allowance if you really want this machine,” I told him. To even afford the $200 device himself could teach money management.


To my surprise, Tyler fiercely dedicated himself to earning cash from extra chores. When Susan noticed me eyeing boxing gloves online, she worried I was enabling aggression. But I wanted to evaluate if Tyler’s commitment merited a reward... 🧐


So for Tyler’s recent 8th birthday, I pitched in half the funds to purchase the music punching bag. His enthusiasm exploded! After opening all other presents, he sprinted straight to the basement putting on the gloves and safety gear. 🤼‍♂️



Soon upbeat pop songs echoed up from below for hours daily as Tyler punched out rhythms. I’d peek in to see his smiling face dripping with sweat as he masterfully ducked and jabbed on beat. His focus impressed me most - no distracted glances, just eyes locked on the bag. 🥊


After two weeks, I checked on Tyler’s progress. “So, ready to pick a new hobby yet?” I asked with a smirk. “No way dad! My coordination is getting awesome from this!” He then insisted on showing off his punching sequences choreographed to his favorite tunes. I had to admit I was proud of his perseverance. 💪


Over the next months, Susan and I noticed Tyler applying his music machine skills elsewhere too. He began waking without complaint for early swim practices – perhaps to app songs there? His scatterbrained homework focus also vastly improved.


We realized Tyler was learning invaluable lessons like dedication, rhythm, coordination...and how to save up for coveted goals. We decided his love for the gift warranted buying punching bags for the whole fam. Now we host basement music battles! Tyler’s even teaching his 5 year old sister boxercise moves. 👧



So did buying into that music boxing trend pay off? Absolutely! Tyler gained so much drive and self-confidence from responsibly earning and excelling at his flashy new hobby. Now, he knows we’ll always support him chasing his passions - however loud and sweaty they may be! 🥁👏


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go prep for tonight’s dance battle - I think Tyler’s trying to take my championship belt! 🏆


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