The beneficial impacts Music Boxing Machines had on her child

The beneficial impacts Music Boxing Machines had on her child

As a busy single mom, I strive to give my daughter Emily the best life possible. 👩‍👧 When she turned 11 last month, I wanted to gift Em something special. She loves music, so I opted for uniqueness over practicality in hopes of nurturing her creativity. I surprised her with a music boxing machine! 🎁🎵🥊


While unwrapping it, her face lit up with awe and delight. “Whoa! This looks epic!” Emily squealed. Though unfamiliar with the concept, her intuition told her this present embodied interactive fun. 🤩


I won’t lie – secretly I wondered whether supplying equipment involving punching was wise. “I figured we could box to some girl power anthems!” I said, hoping to guide her mindset positively. 💪👯‍♀️



Setting up the machine, I made sure to teach Emily proper form and technique before allowing freestyle punches. Safety came first! To my relief, she followed my guidance...while clearly itching with excitement. 🥋


Soon, rhythmic pop songs echoed through our home as Em danced around the device. Her eyes narrowed in concentration trying to sync jabs and crosses to the beats. Sweaty yet smiling, she’d yell with triumph whenever she set a new high score. 🏋️‍♀️


But a month later, I noticed even more impressive changes manifesting...


Confidence Soaring 🦅


The child that often slumped her shoulders shuffling down school hallways now walked with chin up, beaming pride. Emily radiated self-assurance – and even led friends in perfecting boxing move sequences!


“Mommy, can we choreograph combos to Biebs’ new song?” she’d ask. Or rave about beating her personal dance battle records. Her vibrant confidence filled me with maternal joy. ❤️



Focus Intensifying ⚡️


Around the same time Em embraced music boxing, her teachers and I noticed incredible focus during schoolwork. She devoured books with unusual speed and retention. Math homework, formerly a bore inducing sighs and distraction, she now meticulously finished in minutes!


“Concentrating on remembering boxing combinations must be helping Em develop attention skills,” I realized. She happily confirmed, explaining how laser mental focus now came easier to her. 🧠👓


Anxiety Lessening 😌


In the past, Em frequently battled anxious feelings, especially before tests or performances. She’d worked with counselors to build coping strategies with moderate success. But recently, new calm and steadiness companioned her days.


“Honey, what’s helping you stay so resilient lately?” I asked one day. “Music boxing!” she replied instantly. “The sequences make me get out of my head. No room for anxiety when I gotta dance battle my high score!” 💃🏻



My gift giving instincts had proven wiser than I first imagined. Whirling around the machines warmed up not just Emily’s fitness, but unlocked confidence, discipline and calm as well. She continued bonding with friends over learning choreography to favorite songs.


And her beaming pride in mastering the technology and syncing harder routines motivates her expanding other talents, like coding and writing fiction. She says anything seems possible when powered by music that moves you – inwardly and outwardly! 🎶🤗


Who could have guessed that fancy rhythm game could build so much strength – physical and mental? But clearly its impact continues opening Em up to her best self. This mama thanks her lucky stars for following intuition and nurturing my daughter’s budding passions! ✨💖


Now excuse me while I dig up my old boxing gloves...I’ve got some mother-daughter dance battling to get to! 🥊👯‍♀️🥰


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