Music boxing machine made me lose 30 pounds

Music boxing machine made me lose 30 pounds

I've struggled with my weight for most of my adult life. No matter how many diets I tried or exercise regimens I attempted, the pounds always eventually crept back on. At age 42, I was feeling frustrated, unhealthy, and depressed about not being able to slim down and keep the extra weight off for good. 😞


My motivation hit rock bottom when I stepped on the scale one morning and saw I now tipped 182 pounds on my petite 5' 3” frame. I was officially obese, mortified by how round and tubby I had let myself become from years of sedentary living and emotional eating. 😱 The worst part was not even recognizing myself in the mirror anymore - when had I turned into this shapeless, tired stranger?



I'd avoided social activities and photos for years, embarrassed by my size. My self-confidence was non-existent, certain I would be alone and overweight forever. But still I continued on the vicious cycle of late night snacking while mindlessly watching TV, then being too exhausted for my morning gym plans. 🛋🍿😴 My motivation had clearly gone missing along with any semblance of discipline when it came to diet and exercise.


As I stared sadly at the scale readout in despair, I knew something had to give. If I kept going this way, I was sure to develop even more health complications from the excess weight bearing down on my petite frame. I longed to reclaim the active, vibrant person I remembered being in my 20s -one who happily jogged through 5Ks and lived in cute sundresses every summer. 👗


Could I really make a change at this point in my life though, set in my sedentary ways? I was filled with self-doubt, but even stronger was my desire to avoid a truncated life marred by obesity-fueled illness. I had to try something drastic, commit fully to a body reset no matter what. My future happiness depended on it. 🤝


I devised a 6 month fitness challenge for myself: I would exercise 5 days a week while cleaning up my eating habits drastically. No more mindless late night bowls of ice cream or chips, no matter what was on Netflix! I knew altering both diet and activity level was key. I decided to cut added sugars and processed carbs to help accelerate weight loss. 🏃‍♀️💪


Now I needed accountability and encouragement. Staring once again at my sad reflection carrying 50 unwanted pounds, inspiration struck - what if I used something symbolic as a motivator? I decided to purchase a vintage ballerina music box I spotted online to represent the graceful, feminine ideal I aimed to uncover through my journey back to health. 💃🎶



The music box arrived in a pastel pink box decorated with roses. Winding the tiny silver key unleashed a delicate tune as the miniature ballerina pirouetted. I set it prominently on my dresser, vowing to wind it up whenever I needed motivation. The gentle melody and spinning dancer would remind me of my goals whenever I was tempted to indulge cravings or skip workouts. 🎵


I named my new muse Miss Motivation. "Help me stay strong to shed this weight, Miss Motivation!" I'd tell her, winding the silver key and letting the sweet song keep me centered. The tinkling tune became the soundtrack to my success as week by week, Miss Motivation helped me shed excess pounds and inches. 💪


Slowly but surely, the ballerina's song kept me honest as I powered through gym sessions, meal prepped healthy dishes, and walked the neighborhood each evening as the sun set. The aching muscles and grumbling stomach were so worth it as I saw tangible results from all my dedicated efforts - both on the scale and in the mirror. 💃


Miss Motivation approved when I hit the 50 pound lost mark 5 months later, the gauzy folds of her pink tutu fluttering gracefully with every pirouette. Her poise and delicacy now felt attainable instead of an impossible ideal as I marveled at my new reflection. I suddenly saw hints of that happy, active girl I remembered from my 20s starting to shine through! 😊👗


By month 6 when I weighed in at 152 pounds, now 30 lighter than when I first unboxed Miss Motivation, tears of pride and gratitude streamed down my face. Winding the music box brought me right back that despairing morning when I first stepped on the scale at 182 pounds. I was now the lightest I’d been in over 15 years! 😭🙌

Twirling and dancing freely about my room, I envisioned myself as Miss Motivation's human counterpart at long last. Strong, focused, feminine, and full of renewed confidence. I would be forever grateful to that tiny dancer inside her pink music box for helping me find motivation when I needed inspiration most. Winding her silver key unlocked my determination and discipline along with the gentle melody. 💞🎶


Miss Motivation's mission was complete, but her legacy lived on. I hit my goal weight and felt better than I had in decades. Whenever I needed motivation in the years that followed, I would wind the tiny silver key and watch the ballerina pirouette and bow. Her tune was the sweet sound of triumph over adversity, reminder I could accomplish anything once I set my mind to it. 🏆


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