Are music boxing machine any good?🎧🚀

If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen the ads for those new musical boxing machines popping up on your social media feed. You know the ones - flashy videos of glowing punching bags and boxing gloves syncing custom light shows and playlists to users’ punches. 🎧🥊


They promise “the most motivating and addictive workout experience ever” by gamifying fitness with interactive audio, leaderboards and all sorts of other techy bells and whistles. 🏆📱



But as a pretty serious amateur boxer for the last decade or so, I’ll admit I was skeptical. After all, there’s something uniquely primal and cathartic about just you, a simple heavy bag, and the repetitive thud of leather meeting canvas.


Could these flashy new smart bags and musical mitt setups really improve such a primal training experience? Or were they just gimmicky toys exploiting the latest fitness fads? I decided to find out for myself and take a couple of the top models for a test drive the last few months. 🤔


Here’s my honest take on whether musical boxing machines are actually any good:


Pro #1: Scored Soundtracks Take Training to the Next Level 🎵


I have to admit, the hype about he custom soundtracks was 100% justified. These musical machines feature various sensors in the bags/gloves tracking metrics like punch speed, combinations thrown, rhythm and more.


The data then gets integrated into cool apps, consoles or touch screens that curate special playlists to match your pace and intensity in real time.


Suddenly my usual 3 minute rounds smacking the bag turned into an almost dance club-like experience with beats and basslines aligning to my movements. It was seriously addicting trying to set new PRs just to hear how much more aggressive the music would get! 🕺

Pro #2: Competitive Metrics & Motivation Help Performance 🥊


On top of the cool musical mixes, the integrated apps and consoles also track all sorts of performance stats including punch velocity, strike rate, rhythm and form. You quickly become obsessed trying to climb the daily leaderboards by improving your metrics each round.


Seeing concrete progress translating into high scores and metrics kept me pushing longer and harder than ever before. Even during those rounds when my arms and lungs were burning, I squeezed out a few extra combinations just to best my previous numbers! 📈🚀


Pro #3: Convenience & Accessibility Open Boxing to Anyone 🏠


The best part about these smart systems is ditching the inconvenient commute to crowded gyms. No wasting half your morning waiting around for a free bag or dealing with gear hoggers.


Now everyone from busy parents to time-crunched professionals can train from home on their own schedule. The app-connectivity also removes the need for expensive personal trainers monitoring progress. 💸


So whether you’re an experienced fighter or first-time hobbyist, the accessibility here makes boxing finally feasible.



Con: Durability & Engineering Still Needs Work ⚠️


The one downside I noticed across brands comes down to overall durability. After several weeks of heavy rounds, sensors started glitching and fabrics tearing.


None of the bags or glove materials quite matched genuine Everlast or other premium equipment in terms of resilience. But this tech is still fairly new, so hopefully engineering and materials keep improving over time. 🛠️


The Bottom Line...🥊


At the end of the day, music boxing machines absolutely make training more enjoyable and effective. The sensory experience takes boredom out of the equation for much longer and more intense sessions.


And the metrics tracking opens boxing up to data-driven fitness enthusiasts unlike ever before. While the tech still needs some refinement, I firmly believe these machines mark the future of smart fitness. 🏋️‍♀️🚀


So if you’re eager for a new training challenge that’s as mentally stimulating as physically demanding, go for the musical gloves and bags! Just make sure you’ve got some headphones and a killer playlist ready ring that bell for round one. 🥊🎧


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